Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Walt: Read and learn interesting facts about Cockroaches
1.Cockroaches have hair at the back of their legs so if you try to sneak up on them they can hear you.

2.They can run 11 inches away per second and they are really good at sensing your smell.

3. Did you know that the cockroaches have their skeleton outside of their body that’s no way like us it’s the opposite way.

4. They have this white stuff on them that’s called fat.

5.They have white stuff because it helps them to survive

6.Did you know the can live up to about a month without food.

7. and they can also grow without water we can to but only for a week.

8. and did you know that cockroaches have been around since the dinosaurs were alive and they are probably alive right now.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Year 6 Camp Bentzon

Wow you will never guess where the year sixes went to. Well on Tuesday the 17th of November we went to kawau island. When I first saw the island I knew I was going to have an awesome time.

After that we had to talk with Peter and Erin for some instructions then after that we had to go for a really long hike it was like we weren’t aloud to stop. We had to go to this beach we stayed there for about an hour then we went back and had a little bit of free time to do our cabins and the cabin I was in was the letter W then we had dinner then went to bed.

When we first woke up we had to go for this steep as run which is called killer hill. I was so tired I felt like I was going to faint But did not because I called smell the delicious food So I made it.Then after that we had breakfast for breakfast we had baked beans and spaghetti on toast That was hot food for cold food we had peaches weetbix,cornflakes and rice bubbles. After breakfast we were going to start our activities.

When we went to our first activity it was called find the clues what you had to do was find the letters then when you find all of the letters you have to spell words out of them and we just finished when it was morning tea time for morning tea we had three biscuits and a piece of fruit.

When we finished having tea we had our next activity it was kayaking it was so fun but it was funny because Adriel kept falling in the water and billy too and the we played kayak tiggy to play you had to tag the back of their kayak after that we went to the pontoon and had to hang on to each others kayak and try to switch kayaks.

My favorite part was booming and swimming but my most favorite part was the concert because we got to do our dance and we came 2nd and I won two chocolates and a lollipop it was awesome and amazing.         

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Acrostic poem

Hi and here is an Acrostic poem for you and you will see that I have spelt my name have you ever done this before? leave a comment thank you.

My Diamante poem

Walt: Write a diamante poem using nouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms and antonyms

Hi and here is my reading activity that I have done it is all about Diamante poems please leave a comment thank you

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The silly and revolting weetbix and cream game

Wow have you ever played the creamy weetbix game well early this morning the year fives and sixes played the creamy weetbix game but actually you can make up your own name for this game. When we started to eat it was so disgusting I didn’t want to eat it but I had to so I did. ‘’Go’’ said my partner you can do this so I never gave up.  

How to play
Here are some tips about playing the game you need four boys and four girls to start the game of you can do 3 or more rounds and if you like you could play the game with pieces of fruit or other kinds of food and last but not least you need plates so about eight of plain colored plates that’s and I almost forgot you need whip cream and weetbix.

My funniest part
For me my funniest part was when my partner was shoving the creamy weetbix in my mouth. It was even mixed with an apple it was revolting but i had lot’s and lot’s of fun with all of my classmates it was so awesome.     

What the creamy weetbix taste like
The creamy weetbix tasted like spue it was revolting and yuck because once I eat the creamy weetbix with an apple I felt so sick I just wanted to go home but know I didn’t give up so I was trying my hardest to get it down my mouth but I couldn’t so I spat it out in the rubbish bin.

conclusion how you felt
I felt sick like I was going to spue but I didn’t I just keep going to try my best. When you mix something that doesn’t go together that means it’s just really really gross it’s like mixing chips with tomato sauce it’s disgusting that’s why you never mix yummy food with revolting food

Other interesting facts
If you could you can even make up your own gross and yummy game.Have a try and this is only if you want to you can even write about how you felt and what it was like. But do not try the creamy weetbix.

Friday, 23 October 2015

NZ Native Animals

Habitat: Kiwis adapt to different habitats such as tussock grassland, and the mountains that’s some of the
places kiwis live.

Diet: kiwis can eat a lot of worms, fruit and small crayfish. Sometimes they can eat berries too. But they eat worms more than anything else and sometime eels.

Description: Kiwis have tiny wings, but they are flightless. They are the only birds in the world with nostrils at the end of it’s beak. and there are only 70,000 kiwis left in all of New Zealand.

Characteristics Kiwis can be very shy around human they have wings but they are flightless and also they are fast.

They can walk on the ground like a living bird. A kiwi can live up to fifty years some can live up to 25 there predators can be very dangerous around kiwis. How many got killed It says that every week 27 kiwis are killed by their predators.

Meet the Kakapo part one

Walt: read and understand facts about the Kakapo

Hi and I have been learning about kakapo If you want to look at more please leave a comment thank you.

Monday, 19 October 2015

My maths activity

Walt: try different solutions to solve multiplication problems

 Hi and this my maths activity that I just did if you want to learn more leave a comment on my blog thank you.

Friday, 16 October 2015

animals from the desert and also antatica

WALT: research animals  and their adaptations.

Title learning about camels

My chosen animal is a camel a came can last without food for a week or more they are very healthy and they take care of them selves very good and they have adaptations on there body here is one adaptation is there body temperature those are some interesting facts about a camel.

thank you and please leave a comment.


Holiday Highlight writing

Wow you will never guess what I did in the holidays. On friday after the last day of school me and my family went to tenpin bowling it was so cool we played a lot of games at the academy. We even got to play the actual game of bowling that was the coolest day ever and it was even my first time in a long time to play a game of bowling it was awesome because BK was right next to tenpin bowling that was the start of my holiday.    

Then On Saturday It was my cousin's birthday. Her theme was frozen and the birthday girl was dressed up as elsa her birthday was so awesome because there was a candy bar that was filled with delicious lollies and last but not less there was a dessert bar with a chocolate fountain. After a few minutes we had to eat the food was so great I couldn't stop eating after we eat we played some games they were pass the passles but the best game was that you had to make your own olaf out of a person and when I got my goody bag I filled my bag up with lollies. After that we all settled down and watched descendants the movie night was so amazing then we all had a good night sleep.

The next day was Sunday so I woke up and I started to get a chill so I had a warm hot shower to get ready to go to the beach. My aunt Kelly and her kids came over we had lunch and it was fish and chips. After that we had to rest our stomachs to get ready to play some games like relays and the group that had built the best castles would win a whole block of chocolate and the losers just win lollies. That Sunday was cool I wish I could do that again.

After we had something to eat we went back to my cousins house when we got there we played a game of 123 you're in with me all of her friends friends came over and played a game with us that was the best birthday party my cousin has ever had.
The last thing we did between my holiday was going to the pools the G.I pools though it was kind of boring going to the G.I because we always have to come to the G.I pools nearly every day but my best was enjoying the slippery slide but they would only do it in the holidays some time they don’t after a few minutes we had to have lunch then settle our stomachs then jump back in the pool. That was the last thing I did in my holiday

In the holidays hope I'm going to do a lot more things like going out and having lot’s of fun with my friends and family and I wish to do a lot of fun things to.


ugly part 2

 part 2

Ugly part 1 and 2

 part 1 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The meanings of Hochtetter land snails

this is smiler to the Hochtetter land snail but the meanings leave a comment thank you

Hocstetter land snails

My reading activity is about a Hocstetter land snail if you want to learn more and Hocstetter land snail leave a comment thank you.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Home spun in Euador

Walt: Find relevant parts of text to accurately answer the questions.

Tom and the look around

Walt: Infer and interpret the author's messages in the text

please leave a comment this story is about a boy named tom find out more in this activity that I have done.

Nasty Nites 1

Walt:Use relevant parts of text to accurately answer questions

Hi and this is my Reading activity that I have done if you want to know a lot more about my blog leave me a comment thank you and I know what you can see is yuck!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

My weekend writing

My weekend!

In the weekend me and my whole family had a BBQ it was so yum. After that me and my cousin had some chocolate ice cream it was so cold I got a brain freeze and it was delicious too then we had to go to bed.

the next day it was my cousin’s 1st birthday her theme was Sofia the first she looked so pretty in her dress. She had a Sofia the first cake and she just turned 1 years old then we were hitting the pinata was shaped like a unicorn her birthday was amazing.

On Sunday Afternoon Me and My whole family had a family dinner it was delicious a few hours later me and my aunty Nadia made some caramel brownies they were so yum then we had to go to bed because it was school the next day.

It was Monday morning I had to get up ready for school but i was so tired from Sunday but once I got up it was freezing so I had a hot bath but I realized I was late. So I quickly put on My uniform made my lunch then went to school I had the best weekend in days.    


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Maths problem

Walt: identify and solve number patterns.

Hi and this is my maths problem that I have done it was really hard comment on my blog to see some more problems.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Dragon fruit

Walt: Use cues from the text to read and understand new words

Hi and this is my activity that I have done if you like it please leave a comment thank you.

Cross-country poem

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


WALT: write an introduction that orientates and hooks in the reader.
Guess what! Did you know what room 8 made well we made home made butter it was so delicious with a slice of bread. We made the butter with miss garden it was so much fun you should make it some time it is really easy but before we started we had to get into 4 groups so we can have some butter and some bread.

Monday, 31 August 2015


WALT: Identify the author’s purpose

This is what my Activity looks like have a look to see if you like my post and then leave a comment thank you.

Check out these words

WALT: What these words mean

this is my Activity that I have done if you like it please leave a comment thank you.

Hooking in

WALT: introductions that orientate and hook in my audience

First try
Guess what we're doing for trade and enterprise?The group that I’m in is kitchen it is really fun because we get to make a lot of yummy things my group and I are making chocolate mousse when we finish making the chocolate mousse we get ready to sell them at the trade fair. Trade and Enterprise is about selling thing and making stuff for people to buy.   

With a ?
Buy one get for free.

with a !
Are you wondering what My group is selling? We are selling chocolate mousse yummy if you want to order come to my work shop to order how many you want. My mousse will only be 1PT see  you there and don’t miss out on a thing!

with facts
1 pt is worth 1 dollar, 20 pieces is worth 20 cents,they are like real money but they're not. Spend them or you could save it up in your bank. There is six groups they are called Home ware,Jewellery and accessory,Kitchen,Musical instruments,Custom Stationery and Toys.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Candle holders

WALT: Identify the author's purpose

This story was written and illustrated by Nyree Tompkins. It can be found in the School Journal Level 3 June 2012.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Check out my number

Walt: understand money as decimal numbers.

this is what I have been doing this week check out my number hope you like it.

Dezarae Can I afford it?

Walt: understand money as decimal numbers.

This week my maths class has been learning about decimals have a look and leave a comment is you like thank you

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Grass to Glass part 2

Walt: Add detail to the beginning of sentences.

As soon as the milk comes out out of the cow is gets cooled. Then when the farmer comes and picks up the milk it goes to the dairy milk factory. When he finishes he measures how much the milk was, so then he pays the farmer.

So that we can make different types of milk. The cream and milk are separated and the milk you can make are blue milk and green milk there is hardly any milk in the green bottle and there is heaps in the blue bottle. That’s the kind of milk you can make.

As the milk is boiling in the machine .Bacteria is killed by pasteurisation the milk. That’s what keeps the milk nice and healthy and by boiling the milk it kills the germs that are in the machine. 072 degrees Celsius which can burn you. So we don’t put the germ in the milk the farmers put on hair caps and white gumboots and plastic bags to go over you gumboots.

Finally the milk goes into bottles for you guy to buy and drink.
Now you know where you glass of milk comes from.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3 Dimensional shapes

WALT: we are learning about the properties of 3 Dimensional.

In our maths groups we have been learning about 3D- shapes and they are called a cube,Tetrahedron and a pyrimade.

living on a shoestring

WALT: Identify the author’s purpose

Monday, 17 August 2015

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Growing dollars

WALT: Find the main ideas in the story to help our understanding

Grass to Glass

Cows eat 70 kilograms of grass a day. and that makes them fat but healthy.

Cows have four stomachs wow thats a lot. That goes into the stomach and they even eat there food swice.

Milking happens twice a day because when they eat there grass it makes milk.

Milking happens twice a day because when they eat there grass it makes milk.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Nine lemons

WALT: Find the hidden messages in the text


 Hi and this is my work that I have done and this is could a CV please leave a comment if you like it thank you.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Living on a farm

Growing up on a farm the country may be fun but it can also be hard work.
We have been looking at dairy farming in New Zealand and people use machines and the machines produce milk.

                                                               Riding a Horse
Riding a horse would be amazing but I have never been on a horse before I’ve been looking at people riding them and It just looks so fun If I was Riding on a horse then that would be my first and if I had one wish that I could ride any animal that would be a horse.

                                           Feeding the calves

If I was living on a farm it would be fun to feed and take care of the calves if I feed them I wouldn't get the milk off their mum because she has to be milked that’s why they drink  milk powder for the calves to drink that’s why I would live on a farm.   

Why wasn’t I born in the country? After school there would be so many things to do like feeding calves, chickens and pigs, and riding bikes and horses. I think country kids are very lucky!

Hi and we have been learning about dairy farms I wish I could live on a farm because it just looks so much fun please visit my blog and leave a comment thank you


Friday, 31 July 2015

My problem solving.

WALT: My problem solving

This is my problem solving if you like it can you please leave a comment thank you

My reading followup

WALT: Infer and interpret the hidden messages in the story

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My pop art


 Hi and this is my pop art if you like can you please leave a comment thank you.

My Holiday Highlight

Wow you will never guess what I did in the holidays. On tuesday me and my family went to Matariki at Matariki we saw a lot of lovely lights they were amazing and we watched the cook island dance After we saw the cook island group we had pizza the pizza was YUMMY! the pizza that I had was ham and cheese. Then we went to my house and eat the pizza after having pizza for dessert we had custard caramel slices and sprinkles with apple pie DElICIOUS! then we all went to bed.

The next day we all woke up had breakfast. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs on toast steak and mince that's what my aunts and uncles had me and my brother had pancakes we had a yummy breakfast.After that we cleaned our house then went to the pools fun! I was doing a lot of booms in the pool. For lunch we had chicken and chips for lunch from Elstree there chicken is really nice.

On sunday it was my cousins 8th birthday it was fun because for his birthday we went to Rainbow’s end it was cool but I was scared because of the stratis fair it would of swang you upside down that was my most scary ride and the fair for his cake was a red motor bike and the birthday boy's name was Dinero his is my most favorite boy cousin his birthday was awesome and I’m glad he had an amazing time at rainbow’s end.

On his birthday we had yummy goody bags in our goody bags we had lollies chocolates and a packet of chips DELICIOUS I think that was my 2nd favorite birthday i've ever been to and we had hangi for his birthday.

After we had something to eat we went back to my cousins house when we got there we played a game of 123 you're in with me all of his friends came over we had a lot of fun once we played the game we all got tied so we went to bed and had a good night sleep.

That was the greatest holiday i’ve ever been to my holiday was so amazing and I can’t wait until the next holiday.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My google drawing

My problem solving

WALT: problem solving

Hi ans this is my problem solving that I have done if you like it can you please leave a comment thank you

Friday, 3 July 2015

talking to bat man

WALT: investigate and learn facts about lesser short-tailed bat
Emmanuel and Dezarae Interview from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi and this is my Interview about a lesser short-tailed bat if you like it please leave a comment thank you

Thursday, 2 July 2015

tui in a tree

WALT: Read with fluency

This book is about a bird that didn't want to share his tree and his name was tui he wanted the tree all to himself but his friends wanted to share the tree because they had know where to stay so they said let's find our own tree and they did they were happy because it was right next to a stream and they had lot's of insects to eat. Then the storm came and they were scared then tui and his tree fell down on the ground and tui was stuck so the birds helped him out and that is what the story is about.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

short-tailed bats

WALT: use clues from the text to accurately answer the question

These bats are extraordinary animals. Check out my presentation to learn more.

All about me

WALT use similes to write a poem about ourselves.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


WALT:Explain pollination, fertilisation and what makes popcorn pop

explain pollination, fertilisation and what makes popcorn pop.

My basketball writing

“Hey there” have you ever played basketball at your school before? Well at my school my coach Yaran teaches us “Skills and” how to play basketball.

First you need to warm up,we played octoboss it was lots of fun if you get tagged then you turn into seaweed then
you have to try and get more people to be in with you but your goal is to get them all out
The next lesson  was how to do a chest pass. When you do a chest pass you need to have you hands on your chest then you throw the ball to your partner you have to try get 60 passes in thirty seconds. If you get 60 passes in thirty seconds then you have to sit up and fold your arms so you can get points for you and your partner.

In basketball what I am looking forward to next time if
that we have more lessons to learn and that we can have a lot more fun playing games and the thing I liked about basketball was when we all played golden child.

There were two teams one team was running and the other team was shooting the ball in the hoop. The team that is running have to try and make it around the hall before the other team gets the ball in the hoop when te ball gets in the hoop we all yell out “STOP!”

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

After the storm

Beginning they were collecting pine cones
Middle they found a den and in the den was pine cones and a kitten skull.
End they had a  fire that’s why they were collecting pine cones.

 and I have drawn a photo with my sentence.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

In the Beginning

In the beginning. There was darkness. then a twitch and a curl started to appear that's how the world began.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

kutai fritter

Have you ever eaten a kutai fritters there a type of mussel fritter that you can eat the only way you can get kutai is when the king tide comes in. Have you ever heard of a kete it is a type of Maori bag that you can make out of flax.   

Here is a photo of a kutai fritter a kutai fritter is a mussel

Winter is here

Wow can you believe that winters here? This morning I got out of bed once I went in the bathroom I was frozen like a block of ice. My feet were cold and it was like I stepped in a icy puddle. When I went outside it was really foggy. As I was walking to school my hands started to shake so then I went back home to get my Gloves.

Hi this is my writing that I have done if you like it can you please leave a comment.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My maths problem solving

WALT: solving my maths problem

Hi this is my maths activity if you like my activity that i have done then please leave a comment thank you.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My blindfold game writing

Have you ever played blindfold games before? We played blindfold games and it was fun. The game involved rice, safety pins,blindfolds and a bowl. There were 20 safety pins in the bowl of rice lucky they weren't pins you hang on the wall because you would have poked yourself and that would hurt. I was nervous. Some people have never played blindfold games before so if you have not played blindfold games here's how you play them.

The way to play this game is that you need to get in a semicircle then Miss Lavakula needs to set one minute on the timer.  all of the kids in room 8 had turns because miss L
avakula called out six names to start of then you need to get 6 bowl of rice and 20 safety pins and six blindfold too then you can start the game.

first you had to start off with 6 kids and the first 6 to start were Andrew, Jonathan, Machelle, Tavake, and Montel they were the first ones to get some safety pins out of the bowl after they had finished Miss Lavakula had to get there score of  pins to see who had got the most so one of them could get a prize from Miss Lavakula.

These are all of the safety pins that they got. Andrew got 14 pins, Jonathan got zero, Michelle got two, Tavake got one and Montel got one too everyone in room 8 were very excited to play the blindfold game they were excited because they just couldn't wait for their turn that why they were excited and happy.   

I felt happy excited, the reason why I was excited was that every body had a good and great time what I’m looking forward to next time is  fun games and the pins were hard to find because they just felt like rice that’s why I was just pulling all of the rice out of the bowl that’s how I got 14 safety pins out of the bowl.