Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Walt: Read and learn interesting facts about Cockroaches
1.Cockroaches have hair at the back of their legs so if you try to sneak up on them they can hear you.

2.They can run 11 inches away per second and they are really good at sensing your smell.

3. Did you know that the cockroaches have their skeleton outside of their body that’s no way like us it’s the opposite way.

4. They have this white stuff on them that’s called fat.

5.They have white stuff because it helps them to survive

6.Did you know the can live up to about a month without food.

7. and they can also grow without water we can to but only for a week.

8. and did you know that cockroaches have been around since the dinosaurs were alive and they are probably alive right now.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Year 6 Camp Bentzon

Wow you will never guess where the year sixes went to. Well on Tuesday the 17th of November we went to kawau island. When I first saw the island I knew I was going to have an awesome time.

After that we had to talk with Peter and Erin for some instructions then after that we had to go for a really long hike it was like we weren’t aloud to stop. We had to go to this beach we stayed there for about an hour then we went back and had a little bit of free time to do our cabins and the cabin I was in was the letter W then we had dinner then went to bed.

When we first woke up we had to go for this steep as run which is called killer hill. I was so tired I felt like I was going to faint But did not because I called smell the delicious food So I made it.Then after that we had breakfast for breakfast we had baked beans and spaghetti on toast That was hot food for cold food we had peaches weetbix,cornflakes and rice bubbles. After breakfast we were going to start our activities.

When we went to our first activity it was called find the clues what you had to do was find the letters then when you find all of the letters you have to spell words out of them and we just finished when it was morning tea time for morning tea we had three biscuits and a piece of fruit.

When we finished having tea we had our next activity it was kayaking it was so fun but it was funny because Adriel kept falling in the water and billy too and the we played kayak tiggy to play you had to tag the back of their kayak after that we went to the pontoon and had to hang on to each others kayak and try to switch kayaks.

My favorite part was booming and swimming but my most favorite part was the concert because we got to do our dance and we came 2nd and I won two chocolates and a lollipop it was awesome and amazing.