Friday, 23 October 2015

NZ Native Animals

Habitat: Kiwis adapt to different habitats such as tussock grassland, and the mountains that’s some of the
places kiwis live.

Diet: kiwis can eat a lot of worms, fruit and small crayfish. Sometimes they can eat berries too. But they eat worms more than anything else and sometime eels.

Description: Kiwis have tiny wings, but they are flightless. They are the only birds in the world with nostrils at the end of it’s beak. and there are only 70,000 kiwis left in all of New Zealand.

Characteristics Kiwis can be very shy around human they have wings but they are flightless and also they are fast.

They can walk on the ground like a living bird. A kiwi can live up to fifty years some can live up to 25 there predators can be very dangerous around kiwis. How many got killed It says that every week 27 kiwis are killed by their predators.

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