Thursday, 8 December 2016

Pseudoscience Task

Walt: Find and link information across a range of texts

What was the author's main message in pseudoscience
How things and food are good for us and also vitamins like A,B and c but the main is what kinds of food of good for you and also your body

What are some of the differences between scientists and advertisers?
Science gather information of others
That are very interesting about science
About science
You can find information about science or search

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.

I learnt that science can involve everything and anything it’s also like matter everything and anything and science also involves gathering data from the world. Scientist think a lot about their reliability and validity of their data.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Toku pepeha

this is my school pepeha that i have done with matua lewin if you don't know him go onto hi blog i will put the link below and i hope you enjoy and learn  our school pepeha and if you go on to matua lewin's blog you can even learn new songs thank you.

Science masters

This is my presentation about science matters these are one of the main experiment we wanted to do out of an other science experiment it may look cool and there different type of metos in there that might work try them out and see what happens and i hope you enjoyed my post thank you.

D.J.A.H. Water

Hi and welcome to my blog this is myself Juliet,Htet,htet and Ava's presentation about water experiments so enjoy watch the video's we have put on the presentation and i hope you like what we've done thank you.

Highlight's of this term

Hi and this is my presentation about some of my highlight's for this term so i hope you enjoy and comment down below witch won you liked the most thank you.

Presudoscience poster

Walt: Think critically about the author's perspective and message
Hi and this is my google drawing as in poster about Pseudoscience as you can see there are some example of pseudoscience,science vs advertisers and also what pseudoscience is if you have a look you can see the ginger beer there is an example saying come and buy this product it may change your life well it may or may not what do you think comment down below what you think thank you.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Avachara writing/planing

Name: tana teo
M/F: Male
Skin colour: creamy colour
Hair colour: brown
Character traits: kind, brainy, and always happy
Where he lives: Auckland
Where he’s from: Kaikohe
What’s special about him is that he: is very brainy but no one knows because they thinks he dumb
What cultra he is: full maori   
What he loves: he loves to wear puffy jackets and visors and he love’s hanging out with his friends
What school he goes to: he goes northland college in kaikohe
Where he stays: he stays with his grandparents because his mum is gone to paris for her job interview
Age: 17 year of age
Sport’s: tag
Location: 21 jump street in kaikohe
Wish: prefect

On Sunday the 1st of June Tana teo had to move to his grandparents house again the street was 21 jump street road he had to stay at his grandparents house for 1 month   because his mum had a job interview in pairs as a chef.

Tana teo is full Maori he loves to play tag his wish is to become a prefect at North land college he’s 17 years of age he’s kind,brainy and always happy he live in Auckland but now stays in kaikohe.

Tana started his new school at North land college in kaikohe the next day, he could remember some of his old friends and Tana even noticed how tall they had gotten the last time he had seen them he had two friends Jacob and Benny they weren't brainy as Tana was he was like like smartest kid in school and nobody knew and that’s what made him very special.

As week one past on Tana Teo became one of the school prefects of North land college if you're a student of north land college and you wanted to be a prefect of the school you don’t have to write a letter in depends on how many votes you get. Tana Teo got the most votes he wasn't the only one there were three girls and two boy including himself so that’s six prefects all up once Tana Teo heard his name get called out his name he was excited and happy that he had become a prefect. It was his 1 wish and dream to become a prefect so he knew how to edit movies make movies and practice acting out for the koriro of the school.

After he had finished editing and practiced his act for Friday he wanted to join tag it was his sport everyone didn’t know Tana could play tag but he bliss all of them and got 3 tries for his team he was amazing his team was called #hashtag and it was #hashtag vs tag and gap they won their first game and they were all happy thanks to Tana Teo he was the player of the day.

After they had finished their game they all went back to Tana’s grandparents house for their celebration. They had food drinks and they all had a good night later that day Tana’s mum came back around 10:00 clock in the morning Tana wasn't excited to see her ‘why are you here asked Tana”  his mum said i lost my job” he stated bursting out with tears that his mum didn’t have a job anymore Tana told his mum that he just joined tag and got approved to be a perfect Tana’s mum was for but sadly they had to leave kaikohe.

The next day it was time for Tana to leave  kaikohe he was sad to let his friends go and also his grandparents. He was angry because he just got approved to be a prefect and that was his dream and he said to himself that when he get’s back to king’s college there will already be prefects “owell Tana said to himself there is always a chance next year.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Friday, 18 November 2016

How to make plain cookies

WALT: information year 4's can read #
Hi and this is my cookie dough recipe but just with no chocolate chips if you want you can add anything into your cookie dough so this really how to make cookie dough this is for the year 4's to help them guide to where they want to be when they grow up and instructions on what they should do

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What is matter and physical change

WALT: - Synthesis information from multiple sources - Monitor ourselves to complete the task.

Friday, 4 November 2016

My science post

Hi and this is my post about next week

Next week on Friday my science group will be doing a science project on just coke and 2x different mentos so keep a look out for my next post and the flavours of mentos we will be using are grape and mint we also have done this experiment before but we felt like doing it again and we did my group name is called the Science masters so keep updated with my post and see more and i hope you can't wait until next week on Friday thank you

Four Fours challenge

Hi and this is the four fours challenge to play this you need a dice when you roll the dice you need to roll it four times that's why it's called the four fours challenge thank you and please leave a comment down below to also see more of my amazing work

Science investigation Fair test

Science Investigation
Fair Testing
Fill out the following table to help you explain the Growing in the dark: Plants and light experiment

Aim - what are you trying to find out?
Do plants need sunlight to grow
Hypothesis - what do you think your results will be?
Initially the dark cobad plants will grow higher than the light plant’s
Independent Variable - what variable will you change?
Changing the sunlight
Dependent Variable - what variable will you measure?
The height of the plant
Controlled Variable - what variables will you keep the same?
Type of seed and the same amount of soil

The students of Room 4 wanted to find out what colour of bird feeders birds preferred. FIll the table below thinking of which variables you would make independent, dependent and controlled.

Aim - what are you trying to find out?
find out what colour of bird feeders birds preferred
Hypothesis - what do you think your results will be?
Of all the feeders, the birds will most prefer eating from the red feeder.
Independent Variable - what variable will you change?
The colour of the bird feeders
Dependent Variable - what variable will you measure?
The number of the birds that visit the bird feeders
Controlled Variable - what variables will you keep the same?
The type of seeds

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


My blog post about my maths test

Tuesday morning at 9:21 room 4 maths started our maths test i was really nerves when we started the test my fingers were shaking and i just felt like rushing with any answer would you rush or get nervous when you do a test and sometimes you may feel like your not confident enough to even do they test but i did the test not matter what some of the equations were hard so i had my piece of paper and my crayon and worked it out and i hope that I've answered all of the equations right and i wish the whole of team five and myself good Luck on our test

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Algebra Variable

WALT: understand and work out variables in algebra

Hi and this is all about algebra for example if you wanted to know what 12+g is if you wanted to answer this math question you would have to change the letter into a number that equals the answer so what i would do is 12+g= something right well this is how a work it out 12+ 2= 14 that is your answer the letter can always be the number 2 so the answer is 14 and that's how i worked my answer out and also another word for algebra is variables thank you and comment down below

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Partly cloudy

WOW! have you ever heard of cheerful clouds in the sky well I will tell you all about it. Partly clouds are clouds that make cute and cuddly babies,puppies,kittens and many more cute creatures they have storks that deliver their living creatures and babies from the clouds to human caregivers, parents and animals as well. There was a cloud named Sam, Sam was a cloud that would make dangerous living animals they were cute but not so cuddly his deliverer Stanley was getting the worst of it like being bitten by a crocodile,butted by a bighorn sheep,and pricked by a porcupine. When Stanley saw the next delivery being made and saw it was a baby shark he started feel his fear coming on and Stanley flies away when Stanley flew away Sam started to get really upset so he started to burst out with tears with thunder so loud Sam was getting furious so then Stanley got a gift from one of the cheerful and happy clouds and Stanley's gift was head gear to protect him from getting hurt.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Show Not Tell

WALT: Show our audience with our words rather than directly tell.

This is a presentation about show not tell enjoy and leave a comment down below thank you

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Blog commenting

WALT: Finishing it off and blog reading/commenting week.

This week room 1 literacy are blog commenting on years 1 to 8 blogs these comment are really interesting so please leave a comment down below thank you.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Friday, 2 September 2016


WALT: convert units while measuring

i learnt what measurement's were and i learnt how to solve them and i lernt what metres km,ml,kg and many more please leave a comment down below thank you

Friday, 26 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics Presentation.

This is a Rio 2016 Olympic winners that one gold silver Lisa Carrington one silver an gold Hamish bond won Silver as well and Valerie Adams one silver as well as Hamish Bond please leave comments down below so i know what you think about my presentation thank you.

Hiwi the Kiwi

Wow you will never guess what Pt England school did yesterday? We had to visitors that had visited our school there names were Mr and Mrs Minstrel they came to talk to us about water safety what is good for our environment and making sure there is no littering it is not good for our sea birds because once they see the plastic they think it's fish so they gobble it all up no matter what colour it is they think it is still fish so they eat it and then once they eat plastic no other food can get the sea birds throat so they pass on that's why when our little brothers and little sister grow up we want them to see those sea birds in the future. When we go for trips or fishing on our boats we always need to put safety first which means you need to have a life jacket it helps you to keep safe and make sure you stay alive just encase you drown and you don't know how to swim that is my lovely story about Hiwi the Kiwi.
Here are the lyrics to kai moana. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sleep Slueths

WALT: Find information in the text to support our thinking

Sleeping Advice

WALT: How do we sleep better

Here is some advice about how do we sleep better leave a comment is you need some advice thank you

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross Country - Effective Paragraph

(Show not tell)

i burst like a simple flame my brain was pounding like a drum my fists were shaking.I was frustrated my leg was burning like a hot tamale i could feel my heart pounding like it was gonna pop out like popcorn. I was a bull who was ready to charge and felt angry and ready to rumble through the wild crowd i could hear the jungle of monkeys and lions cheering and roaring saying you can do it i wanted to go home but once i got to the starting line, i couldn’t because once Mr Burt slammed the bricks together it was game on. I could not wait until i crossed the finish line it was a relief i tried my best to do my best at the cross country race.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Why do our muscles get tired?

P1:Let me start with smooth muscle it also has another meaning for this it’s called the involuntary that means it works even though you're not trying. When a person throws up the smooth muscles in the body are at work the muscles push food out of the stomach up through the esophagus and out the mouth the smooth muscle are found in the walls of the stomach intestine and other halowe aygunes like the bladder the smooth muscle site out of the outer covering and the inner lining the smooth muscle on the side of the stomach helps keeps things moving in the organ strait through your intestine as it’s being digested.

P2: Another muscle that does not work when you're tired is called cardiac muscle and also your heart is very good you might be interested to know that another name for your heart is also called the myocardium it contracts and relaxes to pump blood through your body.

P3: Skeletal muscles are also called Voluntary muscles unlike un voluntary muscles you decide when and how to move them they won’t move until you make them move there attached to your bones and your bytensess so altogether bones and tendons make your body powerful. The voluntary muscles are controlled by the parts of the brain known as the three motor cortex and the cerebellum it works like this. When you decide to move the motor cortex sends an electrical signal through the spinal cord and proves it’s nerves to the muscles and they also contact to send them a sign.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Writing a post about Gabe and Saia

On the 16th of August on a Wednesday at 9:30 Gabe and Saia from Tamaki Collage came to talk to team 5 about silicon valley that was a place in America they visited different types of communities and companies. One of there most funniest moment was when they played the Bean Boozled challenge i would love to try one of those and do the bean boozled challenge with my friends and family it would be so funny. The first companies they went to was Microsoft and then they went to,Xero,instagram,facebook,twitter,Khan Acadami and stanford.
       this is Gabe                                                                          this is saia

here is a link to watch the movie

Thursday, 11 August 2016

BFG blog post

intro: Last term our litricey teacher read to us Roald dahl's BFG. our class went to hoyts to go and watch the BFG movie when it was released. 

P1: The book was a little different to the movie because in the movie there was a little boy that use to visit and be friends with the BFG. In the book it only showed Sophie the Queen and the BFG, and in the book the big bad giants were put into a whole but in the movie the BFG told the Queen's gards to saround the big bad giant's with water, because they were scared of the water but there is no point because there is no shelter so they are gonna get wet anyways.

P2: My favourite character was the BFG because he was funny kind and fob and i like his personality but he did not know how to talk proper English so sophie kept judging him about the way he talks and when he always say something wrong sophie always tells him the right pronunciation.

To be honest i think the movie was much better then the book because it had more realistic detail to the movie than the book, the book is a little diferent to the movie but the weird thing is he had diferent food comepared to human he had frobscottle which was what he was drinking and you know how our bubbles go up well the BFG'S bubbles go down it is very funny because when our bubbles go up we burp well how is bubbles go down they fart so they all were laughing and they all gave a toast to the BFG. I enjoyed themovie then the book to be honest so the BFG lived his dream all because of the queen and sophie and the BFG starter a calm and a new life and the BFG started to collect more funny and nice dreams and they all lived happily ever after.