Thursday, 12 April 2018

MMT - Metal - Meterial

On Monday the 8th of February we had started MMT - Metal and Material when we first came into class we had to mark the roll and introduce ourselves so we knew what each others names were. Then we moved to more important things like choosing what we were going to make in metal so I had choose to create a cake cutter so Mr Naicker had handed each and everyone of us a booklet that we had to fill out there were nine pages we had to fill in and as we were finished completing the booklet we began to create our designs. MMT is one of my favourite classes on a Monday and Thursday mr Niacker is a very calm and cool teacher,Metal is a very fun class to hangout in and learn about making certain things.

  • In the process of the workshop there are certain rules like not touching things that your not suppose to touch when the teacher is working with multiple students.