Friday, 27 February 2015

solving our problems

WALT:solving our problems Hi and me and my friend are trying to solve the problem but do not worry because it is write here and it is already solved so if you want to have a look and you like it  then just leave a comment if you like my ppresentation.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Frog Adventure

WALT: Use the text to help us answer the questions
WALT: Can find the answers to the question in the text and use what we know (prior knowledge)

Answer the following:Questions

1. Describe two things, you would see if you went to Highgate Farm.I would see a paddock and sheep and cows.

2. Use this link to find the meaning for a gully. Write down what a gully is.a ravine formed by the action of water.

3. What did Jessica, Jonathan and Niwa see when they went down to the pond?They saw tadpoles but the frogs were hard to find because it was the same color of the roupo.A
4.  Use this link to find the meaning for reeds. Write down what reeds are.reeds means a tall-slender leaved plant of the grass family which grows in water or on marshy ground.

HI and this is my Activity about Adventure frogs There are three kids there names are Jessica,Jonathan,and Niwa they are the kids thta had found

My life cycle of a frog

WALT:This is my life cycle of a frog

Friday, 20 February 2015

WALT:probability Hi and this is mine and my partner cameo's presentation if you like our presentation then can you please leave a comment please thank you.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

My presentation about Disappearing frogs

Hi and this is my presentation about Disappearing frogs Hope you like and if you do please leave a comment thank you

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What's in the bag

Hi and me and my partner Amethyst we are working on a presentation and it's all about maths the presentation is could what's in the bag  and if you are looking at this leave a comment please thank you.

summer holiday

During the school holidays we went to swimarama pools because it was beaming hot it felt like I was going to blow.So then we went for a swim then I was going to jump off the diving board it was amazing. And I went on the slide to it was awesome we had lunch at the pools but what we had for lunch was a BBQ but we only went there for my brothers first birthday and that was the coolest day ever.

The next day it was Friday at 8:00 we had gone to the movie in the park the movie that we had watched was the box trolls we had candy floss my one was humongous it was a large one.And the movie was awesome it was awesome because.

two days later we went to rainbow’s end my mum and dad they wanted to go on the new ride the strati x fair it looked freaky because it would flip you over and it was like a swing it would swing you around. Then after that we went on the log flom then then the fair fall I was getting the butterfly it looked scary but it was amazing and awesome to.

On Friday it was waitangi day it was my nan's birthday it was fun because we went to valentines there were a lot of fun because we had a bbq it was yummy and then after that we had a chocolate mud cake for her birthday to and it had cherries on top but it was awesome and I had a good time.