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WALT: how to do similes

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Matariki lanterns

WALT:We are learning to infer and interpret the text we read.

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two twin towers

WALT: Make inferences and interpret hidden messages

In the story this is about a man and a his grandson the little boys grand-dad could not give up smoking but the most important part was that he gave up smoking and that he gave his tabacco tin to his grandson so he could give it to his grandma so the great grand-dad rote a letter to the little boys Nana.

Matariki Returns

  1. What does ‘Matariki’ directly translate to in English?
             Matariki directly translates as little eyes of eyes of god.

  1. Which month of the year do you need to keep a close eye out for Matariki to return? The month you should keep a close eye on is mostly june.

  2. What does Matariki look like when it returns?
If the seven stars appear and they are faint hazy, and hard to see separately, then a                      cold ,lean season will follow. However, each star is bright enough to be seen clearly and separately , then the coming season will be warm, and crops will flourish

  1. What does it mean for the Maori people when Matariki returns?
it means a celebration of a maori new year

  1. What did the Maori people do in the months leading up to Matariki?
So when matariki appears the hunting and preserving season is in full swing.

  1. Why is Matariki an important time? Matariki has always been an important time on the maori calendar. Matariki, the maori new year signaled as a time for connecting with, and giving and giving thanks to the people that celebrated the seven stars and matariki.  

  2. Outline one legend believed about Matariki? tane he is the the legend and the guardian of the forest.

  3. Think of ways that we, as a class could celebrate Matariki. Record your idea below…
Our class would celebrate matariki because it is a nice celebration to celebrate with you family and to see the seven stars.

Monday, 18 May 2015

problem solving

WALT: How to solve my maths problems

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Celebrating Matariki by Sue Gibbison

WALT: What is Matariki

we are learning about how matariki is taken place and what is matariki. Matariki is a celebration that you can spend time with your family and you have to have a powiri before matariki starts and at the end there's fire works Matariki is a good celebration.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Chocolate game writing

Wow, have you ever played the chocolate game? Well Room 8  played this funny game, it involved dress ups, dice and of course chocolate.

It was amazing. I’m going to give you some advice so you know how to play it.  Let’s get started. You have got to have
1 clothing for your dress ups and a plate,knife and fork and five accessories.Then you had to put on 5 accessories and one piece of clothing. If you roll a six then you have to dress up and then start cutting the chocolate but you only get one piece of chocolate if you had a piece then you have to sit back down in the circle but if you roll a 2,3,4 or 5 then you’ve got to sit back in your place.

There were only two people that eat the chocolate it was Me and Montel it was fantastic. Once I had put chocolate in my mouth it started to melt, it tasted delicious and YUMMY!.

My favourite part was we were all laughing and giggling around When Martin put on the round coconut cup, it was funny everyone had a great time playing the chocolate game.   

Monday, 11 May 2015

My game plan

This is my game plan it's about how I can make it what my name is going to be. So if you like it please leave a short comment thank you.

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Earthquake in Nepal

WALT: Orally co-construct a paragraph about the Nepal earthquake.

There was a powerful earthquake that struck the country.The Nepalis were searching through the rubble for survivors.People were expecting a bigger aftershock. Thousands of people were missing that needed to be rescued. There is a outbreak of disease that is spreading around Nepal.   

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The earthquake in Nepal

Do any of you’s watch the news?Well on channel three in Nepal there was a 7.8 earthquake.As the ground started to crack there was dirt and dust coming out of the ground and that’s when everyone went in the middle of the street so the buildings wouldn't fall on them.

Then the people were scared and afraid of the earthquake and because most of their families were buried but still alive they were buried under the dirt and dust and that’s when some of their families died because they suffocated under the dirt and dust. There were demolished buildings,crashed cars. The houses that the people were living in got damaged that’s why they had to sleep on the streets and people were displace.

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problem solving

WALT:Trying to solve my maths proplem

all@c code

WALT: Infer and interpret hidden messages

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