Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool and Nail Art

Wow you will never guess what room five have done in room one today we made wool and Nail art it was so awesome and to be honest I really like my art that I have done it does me really proud of myself and this is my art and here are some tips of how to make this wool and Nail art.

Step - 1 you will need one square of wood

Step - 2 then you will need a peace of paper that has a star on it

step - 3 you will need 11 nails to nail the nails into the wood

step - 4 get a hamper to hamper you nails into the wood

step - 5 you can get any type of coloured wool to shape in to a star

Step - 6 take off the paper before you start editing you wool

Step - 7 then you will end up with something like this

 this was then and now

Making flaxs

Hi and today in room 2 we made rose flax i tried my hardest to make one and it tured out good here is a photo of me and my flax that i have made hope you like it and if you do please leave a comment thank you.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Step by step for paper mache

Wow did you know that in Room for we have been working on paper mache for our art work it is so easy and cool to make if you haven't tried it then here are some steps of how to make the paper mache.

Step 1 - you need a white balloons or any coloured of balloons

Step 2 - If you want you can put 1 or 2 lollies or any kind of sweats in your balloon

Step - 3 blow you balloon up and then tye a not

Step - 4 grave any coloured wool

Step - 5 you nee PVA glue to help stick on the wool

Step - 6 start puting the wool on the balloon

Step - 7 wait for the wool to dry.

Step - 8 last rule then you pop the balloon then it becomes a paper mache.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Willow weavers

This is about an illustrator named Eddie Douglas he is a very big fan of willow weaving he can nearly turn willow into anything so if you like my poster then please leave a comment thank you

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fun week for year 7's

On Wednesday the year sevens had a fun week that day was Birthday it was so fun because when school started we got to watch a movie called from boys to men and miss Muliaumasealii was in the movie she looked so young. That day we all were doing art with flower leis they looked so amazing and awesome when we hanged them up on the poles by room 3. Then it came to the end of the day we had a lot of fun.

The next day was Thursday we got to have popcorn to finish the movie from boys 2 men it was so sad to see the year 8’s go. So we did some work about the movie we were watching it was a boy named malaga he was getting hurt from his caregiver so he ran away. Then he meet this boy named johno he said he was gonna take care of malaga so he did any way let’s get back to my writing when we finished watching the movie we all packed up and got ready to go home.

The next day was the last day of term 1 I didn't want it to be the last day because I knew I would miss my best friends but I just had to go with it. I was so happy because I got to be one of the year 8 leaders because one of the leaders weren't here so I got to be one if you're a leader you have to make sure everything is on track and make sure people are not doing the wrong thing.

When it was time the cooking team had our lunch ready for us it was cheese pasta Italian bake it was so delicious.Our dish came with a
zero coke but first we had to go for a run around the field it was only one lap around the field and when I got back from the run I was so thirsty and we got to eat I started to drink my coke and the coke made my burp 3 times and all of the year 7’s and 4 of the year 8’s had an awesome time.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Sharing eqaly.

Hi and this is my work of sharing things eqaly there is an example of what I have to do so if you like my post then please leave a comment thank you.

Immersion Assembly

Wow you will never guess what day it is today the first day of school.
On the 2nd of may Point England school had an Emergency Assembly and teams 1,2,3,4 and 5 had to show what kind of item they were going to do so first up was team 1 they were talking about what favourite things do you like and at the end of their movie Ms George asked some questions about what kind of things the team 1 teachers like to do and if you got them right you would get a chocolate.

The next item was team 2 the were all talking about winter,summer,autumn and spring and my favourite part about their movie was Mrs Dwyers talking about summer going to the beach drinking a glass of lemonade and chilling with your friends and having lot’s of fun.

My favourite Item was the teacher vengers the the teacher were staring as wondering woman,Bat guy and Teacher leader America. They had to save the other superheroes from Bear baxendine and there team name was Amateur heroes so teacher leader said assemble and they started to take on bear baxendine POOF! POW! THWACK! So the super heroes put bear baxendine in jail and it was all over.

The next item was team 5 and they were having a waka race between Te Aurere,Hikianalia,Hinemoana and hokulea they had to sail to the other side of the stage. Hinemoana was coming first but then Hokule'a was catching up. Then Hinemoana was going the wrong way so Hokule’a won the race and there boat got the medal. Hikianalia are the stars that guides us Hinemoana is the guardian of the sea Te Aurere blood sweat and tears and last but not least hokule'a represents the earth and this is the end of my story.