Friday, 23 October 2015

NZ Native Animals

Habitat: Kiwis adapt to different habitats such as tussock grassland, and the mountains that’s some of the
places kiwis live.

Diet: kiwis can eat a lot of worms, fruit and small crayfish. Sometimes they can eat berries too. But they eat worms more than anything else and sometime eels.

Description: Kiwis have tiny wings, but they are flightless. They are the only birds in the world with nostrils at the end of it’s beak. and there are only 70,000 kiwis left in all of New Zealand.

Characteristics Kiwis can be very shy around human they have wings but they are flightless and also they are fast.

They can walk on the ground like a living bird. A kiwi can live up to fifty years some can live up to 25 there predators can be very dangerous around kiwis. How many got killed It says that every week 27 kiwis are killed by their predators.

Meet the Kakapo part one

Walt: read and understand facts about the Kakapo

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Monday, 19 October 2015

My maths activity

Walt: try different solutions to solve multiplication problems

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Friday, 16 October 2015

animals from the desert and also antatica

WALT: research animals  and their adaptations.

Title learning about camels

My chosen animal is a camel a came can last without food for a week or more they are very healthy and they take care of them selves very good and they have adaptations on there body here is one adaptation is there body temperature those are some interesting facts about a camel.

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Holiday Highlight writing

Wow you will never guess what I did in the holidays. On friday after the last day of school me and my family went to tenpin bowling it was so cool we played a lot of games at the academy. We even got to play the actual game of bowling that was the coolest day ever and it was even my first time in a long time to play a game of bowling it was awesome because BK was right next to tenpin bowling that was the start of my holiday.    

Then On Saturday It was my cousin's birthday. Her theme was frozen and the birthday girl was dressed up as elsa her birthday was so awesome because there was a candy bar that was filled with delicious lollies and last but not less there was a dessert bar with a chocolate fountain. After a few minutes we had to eat the food was so great I couldn't stop eating after we eat we played some games they were pass the passles but the best game was that you had to make your own olaf out of a person and when I got my goody bag I filled my bag up with lollies. After that we all settled down and watched descendants the movie night was so amazing then we all had a good night sleep.

The next day was Sunday so I woke up and I started to get a chill so I had a warm hot shower to get ready to go to the beach. My aunt Kelly and her kids came over we had lunch and it was fish and chips. After that we had to rest our stomachs to get ready to play some games like relays and the group that had built the best castles would win a whole block of chocolate and the losers just win lollies. That Sunday was cool I wish I could do that again.

After we had something to eat we went back to my cousins house when we got there we played a game of 123 you're in with me all of her friends friends came over and played a game with us that was the best birthday party my cousin has ever had.
The last thing we did between my holiday was going to the pools the G.I pools though it was kind of boring going to the G.I because we always have to come to the G.I pools nearly every day but my best was enjoying the slippery slide but they would only do it in the holidays some time they don’t after a few minutes we had to have lunch then settle our stomachs then jump back in the pool. That was the last thing I did in my holiday

In the holidays hope I'm going to do a lot more things like going out and having lot’s of fun with my friends and family and I wish to do a lot of fun things to.


ugly part 2

 part 2

Ugly part 1 and 2

 part 1 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The meanings of Hochtetter land snails

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Hocstetter land snails

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