Wednesday, 24 June 2015

short-tailed bats

WALT: use clues from the text to accurately answer the question

These bats are extraordinary animals. Check out my presentation to learn more.

All about me

WALT use similes to write a poem about ourselves.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


WALT:Explain pollination, fertilisation and what makes popcorn pop

explain pollination, fertilisation and what makes popcorn pop.

My basketball writing

“Hey there” have you ever played basketball at your school before? Well at my school my coach Yaran teaches us “Skills and” how to play basketball.

First you need to warm up,we played octoboss it was lots of fun if you get tagged then you turn into seaweed then
you have to try and get more people to be in with you but your goal is to get them all out
The next lesson  was how to do a chest pass. When you do a chest pass you need to have you hands on your chest then you throw the ball to your partner you have to try get 60 passes in thirty seconds. If you get 60 passes in thirty seconds then you have to sit up and fold your arms so you can get points for you and your partner.

In basketball what I am looking forward to next time if
that we have more lessons to learn and that we can have a lot more fun playing games and the thing I liked about basketball was when we all played golden child.

There were two teams one team was running and the other team was shooting the ball in the hoop. The team that is running have to try and make it around the hall before the other team gets the ball in the hoop when te ball gets in the hoop we all yell out “STOP!”

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

After the storm

Beginning they were collecting pine cones
Middle they found a den and in the den was pine cones and a kitten skull.
End they had a  fire that’s why they were collecting pine cones.

 and I have drawn a photo with my sentence.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

In the Beginning

In the beginning. There was darkness. then a twitch and a curl started to appear that's how the world began.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

kutai fritter

Have you ever eaten a kutai fritters there a type of mussel fritter that you can eat the only way you can get kutai is when the king tide comes in. Have you ever heard of a kete it is a type of Maori bag that you can make out of flax.   

Here is a photo of a kutai fritter a kutai fritter is a mussel

Winter is here

Wow can you believe that winters here? This morning I got out of bed once I went in the bathroom I was frozen like a block of ice. My feet were cold and it was like I stepped in a icy puddle. When I went outside it was really foggy. As I was walking to school my hands started to shake so then I went back home to get my Gloves.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My maths problem solving

WALT: solving my maths problem

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

My blindfold game writing

Have you ever played blindfold games before? We played blindfold games and it was fun. The game involved rice, safety pins,blindfolds and a bowl. There were 20 safety pins in the bowl of rice lucky they weren't pins you hang on the wall because you would have poked yourself and that would hurt. I was nervous. Some people have never played blindfold games before so if you have not played blindfold games here's how you play them.

The way to play this game is that you need to get in a semicircle then Miss Lavakula needs to set one minute on the timer.  all of the kids in room 8 had turns because miss L
avakula called out six names to start of then you need to get 6 bowl of rice and 20 safety pins and six blindfold too then you can start the game.

first you had to start off with 6 kids and the first 6 to start were Andrew, Jonathan, Machelle, Tavake, and Montel they were the first ones to get some safety pins out of the bowl after they had finished Miss Lavakula had to get there score of  pins to see who had got the most so one of them could get a prize from Miss Lavakula.

These are all of the safety pins that they got. Andrew got 14 pins, Jonathan got zero, Michelle got two, Tavake got one and Montel got one too everyone in room 8 were very excited to play the blindfold game they were excited because they just couldn't wait for their turn that why they were excited and happy.   

I felt happy excited, the reason why I was excited was that every body had a good and great time what I’m looking forward to next time is  fun games and the pins were hard to find because they just felt like rice that’s why I was just pulling all of the rice out of the bowl that’s how I got 14 safety pins out of the bowl.