Monday, 31 August 2015

Hooking in

WALT: introductions that orientate and hook in my audience

First try
Guess what we're doing for trade and enterprise?The group that I’m in is kitchen it is really fun because we get to make a lot of yummy things my group and I are making chocolate mousse when we finish making the chocolate mousse we get ready to sell them at the trade fair. Trade and Enterprise is about selling thing and making stuff for people to buy.   

With a ?
Buy one get for free.

with a !
Are you wondering what My group is selling? We are selling chocolate mousse yummy if you want to order come to my work shop to order how many you want. My mousse will only be 1PT see  you there and don’t miss out on a thing!

with facts
1 pt is worth 1 dollar, 20 pieces is worth 20 cents,they are like real money but they're not. Spend them or you could save it up in your bank. There is six groups they are called Home ware,Jewellery and accessory,Kitchen,Musical instruments,Custom Stationery and Toys.

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