Wednesday, 29 April 2015

ANZAC Activity

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  It marks the day were soldiers served in World War One in 1915. That is one hundred years ago, this year. Some soldiers die and others came back home. They went to Gallipoli to fight against soldiers from Turkey .  

Now in New Zealand and all over the World, people have dawn poppies. It is where people can go and remember what happened.  This takes place on 25th of April. Poppies were sold in 1922 to raise money for soldiers and their fathers.  These are sold before ANZAC Day and the money goes to RSA’s.  RSA stands for the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association.

My weekend writing

WALT: My weekend writing

Guess what i did in the weekend?On Saturday morning me my brother,dad and mum went to McDonalds for breakfast it was YUMMY! for breakfast I had hot cakes with maple syrup and a pineapple smoothie.After we had breakfast we stayed at my nan's house for a little bit a few minutes later my dad gave me and my brother ten dollars each we spent it on lollies and decorations for our room me and my family had a amazing day out.

The next day my Aunt and uncle came over to ask us if we wanted to go to the skate park and my dad said yes so we grabbed our scooters and went to the skate park.When we got there we had a little snack before we went for a skate but the favourite part of the day was when me and all of my cousins came over and we had a lot of fun and that was my long weekend.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Toys from solomon island

WALT: Find and use relevant parts of the text to accurately answer a question

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My Holiday Highlight writing

Have you ever been to bounce and beyond? It was awesome because there were a lot of bouncy castles, there was this one bouncy castle and it was my favourite it was a slide it was long and high when I went down I got butterflies and I screamed but to go faster you had to where theses sheets that’s how you make it go faster.After we finished going there we had lunch for lunch we had burger king YUM!

A few minutes later we went to tenpin bowling but just to play games my favourite game there was this alien game you had to punch the aliens so you could get tickets to win a prize from the prize box.If you play Deal or No Deal you would get a lot of tickets like two hundred tickets.After that we played laser trike before we started we had to go over the instructions then that’s when we started I got 8 people out and then I came 3rd. Then. we played more games and I got 705 tickets and for my prize I got a whistle a ring and a huge box of cards.

For dinner we went to Dunkirk park to go watch the rugby game. and to have dinner for dinner we had chicken salad sandwiches and mash potatoes then me and my brother saw our aunts and they gave us Easter eggs and my mum and dad got one too they had this big train made out of chocolate.Me, my brother had a share pack and it was filled with lollies and three Easter eggs that was my most favourite day.

The next time this happens I would look foreword to do more fun things just like this but if I had one wish that would be going to Australia because there are a lot of fun places there like wet and wild and many more fun places That is my one wish. and I enjoyed my Holiday and I could not wait until school had started. On sunday we had to go down to my nanas house to have a family dinner so all of my cousins came and my Uncles and Aunts came,that is the end of my Holiday
I hope the rest of you guys had a great Holiday.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


WALT: Find and using the relevant part of a text to accurately answer a question.

Hi and this is my presentation about why were gumboots made in New Zealand if you want to know just have a look and you will find out some things like why they are could gumboots and why they are black and where were gumboot first made in New Zealand