Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mr Andrew Peterson

This morning around 9:30 team 5 had a special visitor Mr Andrew Peterson he had talked us threw about what we wanna achieve in life. He had a special formula that were three letters A+I=M the meanings are Aspiration what you want to do or achieve Inspiration who inspires you and Motivation  this will help me succeed in life and also to achieve what I love you can even help change peoples lifes here is a video that explaines helping others Link

Eleven year old boy saw a homeless man crying because he had lost every thing his marriage was falling apart he had got kicked out of his house and he had no job but now that had all changed thanks to Uili he had given Millar his lunch money everyday over two weeks and its great him to think of others who have no home no job and no food but now Millar is success full he has a job a house and his life is great.

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  1. Kia ora Dezarae,
    I enjoyed reading your post about my talk on Wednesday!
    Well done...