Thursday, 28 August 2014

Maths sheet


What is culture?

Cultures are what make countries unique. Each country has different cultural activities and cultural rituals. Culture is seen in peoples writing religion, music, clothes, cooking, and what they do. Culture also includes the way people understand the world in their own lives.

Different countries have different cultures.For example,some older Japanese people were kimono,arranging flowers vases and have tea ceremonies.

My family is from Auckland New Zealand. And In my Maori culture we eat different food like hangi and many more. And the clothes that we were are piupiu.
Putting down a hāngi

Friday, 22 August 2014

Maths Activitie

Rice balls in japan

A long time ago a poor japanese man and his wife went in to the forest to gather firewood.After a while, the old man was hungry so his wife made him some rice balls but they fell off the plate and into a hole the hole was big until they saw a mouse in the hole and the mouse said come down and get your rice balls so the old man went and got his rice balls and the mouse said take one of my jewels said the mouse so the poor man did and they lived happily ever after.

wrting Activitie

Chocolate eating contest is a challeng created in NZ Auckland 2014 And the event was  by a girl named Dezarae.The aim of the game is to eat  the chocolate in twominutes how ever eats there chocolate in two minutes to win.

The Equipment you will need is Three chocolates and three plate. And  the  Chocolate eating contest will be held in the class room.

This is an individual event.There are three competitors competing.And the rules will be
rule 1.No Hands.
rule 2. No pushing.

rule 3.No cheting.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dezarae Hocked on Hockey Information Activitie

Dezarae Punctuation Activitie

“Go” yelled dad. He was yelling at the tv while watching the boxing during the commonwealth games. Dad was watching very intensely. David Nyika looked strong boom his opponent was knocked to the ground. Hooray we all shouted David won gold and he is a champion. Wow I  thought I want to be a boxer when I grow Up.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hocked on Hockey

Hi this story that we are reading is Hooked on hockey it is a pretty cool story. This is my person that i have drawn.

Monday, 4 August 2014

WW1 100 Anniversary


In 1914 28th of June Franz Ferdinand was from Austria he was assassinated. Mr Burt and Mrs Flavell’s granddads fought in WW1.

Many flags will be flown at half mast today. New Zealand fought for the British Empire. We are part of the commonwealth.The New Zealand and Australian troops were called the ANZACS that is why we wear the poppy.

The Victoria Cross was awarded to all of the soldiers who fought in the war. And it was shot that was echoed it went around the world

Friday, 1 August 2014

The commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are often called games,has a unique place in sporting history.It is an international multi-sport event like the Olympic except athletes commonwealth countries.this includes  countries like England New Zealand and the pacific islands.

The first games were held in Hamilton Canada there were eleven countries sent  four hundred athletes to take part in six sports  and fifty nine events.since then the games were held every four  years.however in 1942 and 1946 the games were cancelled because of the second world war.

There were many changes,even its name from 1930 to 1950 the games were known as the British Empire games.later,from 1970 until 1974 they took the title of the British commonwealth games.finally ,at the 1978 games Edmonton,Canada, this multi-sport event changed it’s name to the commonwealth games.

Hi my name is Dezarae and this is my Dictagloss writing leave a comment