Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The silly and revolting weetbix and cream game

Wow have you ever played the creamy weetbix game well early this morning the year fives and sixes played the creamy weetbix game but actually you can make up your own name for this game. When we started to eat it was so disgusting I didn’t want to eat it but I had to so I did. ‘’Go’’ said my partner you can do this so I never gave up.  

How to play
Here are some tips about playing the game you need four boys and four girls to start the game of you can do 3 or more rounds and if you like you could play the game with pieces of fruit or other kinds of food and last but not least you need plates so about eight of plain colored plates that’s and I almost forgot you need whip cream and weetbix.

My funniest part
For me my funniest part was when my partner was shoving the creamy weetbix in my mouth. It was even mixed with an apple it was revolting but i had lot’s and lot’s of fun with all of my classmates it was so awesome.     

What the creamy weetbix taste like
The creamy weetbix tasted like spue it was revolting and yuck because once I eat the creamy weetbix with an apple I felt so sick I just wanted to go home but know I didn’t give up so I was trying my hardest to get it down my mouth but I couldn’t so I spat it out in the rubbish bin.

conclusion how you felt
I felt sick like I was going to spue but I didn’t I just keep going to try my best. When you mix something that doesn’t go together that means it’s just really really gross it’s like mixing chips with tomato sauce it’s disgusting that’s why you never mix yummy food with revolting food

Other interesting facts
If you could you can even make up your own gross and yummy game.Have a try and this is only if you want to you can even write about how you felt and what it was like. But do not try the creamy weetbix.

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