Thursday, 8 December 2016

Pseudoscience Task

Walt: Find and link information across a range of texts

What was the author's main message in pseudoscience
How things and food are good for us and also vitamins like A,B and c but the main is what kinds of food of good for you and also your body

What are some of the differences between scientists and advertisers?
Science gather information of others
That are very interesting about science
About science
You can find information about science or search

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.

I learnt that science can involve everything and anything it’s also like matter everything and anything and science also involves gathering data from the world. Scientist think a lot about their reliability and validity of their data.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Toku pepeha

this is my school pepeha that i have done with matua lewin if you don't know him go onto hi blog i will put the link below and i hope you enjoy and learn  our school pepeha and if you go on to matua lewin's blog you can even learn new songs thank you.

Science masters

This is my presentation about science matters these are one of the main experiment we wanted to do out of an other science experiment it may look cool and there different type of metos in there that might work try them out and see what happens and i hope you enjoyed my post thank you.

D.J.A.H. Water

Hi and welcome to my blog this is myself Juliet,Htet,htet and Ava's presentation about water experiments so enjoy watch the video's we have put on the presentation and i hope you like what we've done thank you.

Highlight's of this term

Hi and this is my presentation about some of my highlight's for this term so i hope you enjoy and comment down below witch won you liked the most thank you.

Presudoscience poster

Walt: Think critically about the author's perspective and message
Hi and this is my google drawing as in poster about Pseudoscience as you can see there are some example of pseudoscience,science vs advertisers and also what pseudoscience is if you have a look you can see the ginger beer there is an example saying come and buy this product it may change your life well it may or may not what do you think comment down below what you think thank you.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Avachara writing/planing

Name: tana teo
M/F: Male
Skin colour: creamy colour
Hair colour: brown
Character traits: kind, brainy, and always happy
Where he lives: Auckland
Where he’s from: Kaikohe
What’s special about him is that he: is very brainy but no one knows because they thinks he dumb
What cultra he is: full maori   
What he loves: he loves to wear puffy jackets and visors and he love’s hanging out with his friends
What school he goes to: he goes northland college in kaikohe
Where he stays: he stays with his grandparents because his mum is gone to paris for her job interview
Age: 17 year of age
Sport’s: tag
Location: 21 jump street in kaikohe
Wish: prefect

On Sunday the 1st of June Tana teo had to move to his grandparents house again the street was 21 jump street road he had to stay at his grandparents house for 1 month   because his mum had a job interview in pairs as a chef.

Tana teo is full Maori he loves to play tag his wish is to become a prefect at North land college he’s 17 years of age he’s kind,brainy and always happy he live in Auckland but now stays in kaikohe.

Tana started his new school at North land college in kaikohe the next day, he could remember some of his old friends and Tana even noticed how tall they had gotten the last time he had seen them he had two friends Jacob and Benny they weren't brainy as Tana was he was like like smartest kid in school and nobody knew and that’s what made him very special.

As week one past on Tana Teo became one of the school prefects of North land college if you're a student of north land college and you wanted to be a prefect of the school you don’t have to write a letter in depends on how many votes you get. Tana Teo got the most votes he wasn't the only one there were three girls and two boy including himself so that’s six prefects all up once Tana Teo heard his name get called out his name he was excited and happy that he had become a prefect. It was his 1 wish and dream to become a prefect so he knew how to edit movies make movies and practice acting out for the koriro of the school.

After he had finished editing and practiced his act for Friday he wanted to join tag it was his sport everyone didn’t know Tana could play tag but he bliss all of them and got 3 tries for his team he was amazing his team was called #hashtag and it was #hashtag vs tag and gap they won their first game and they were all happy thanks to Tana Teo he was the player of the day.

After they had finished their game they all went back to Tana’s grandparents house for their celebration. They had food drinks and they all had a good night later that day Tana’s mum came back around 10:00 clock in the morning Tana wasn't excited to see her ‘why are you here asked Tana”  his mum said i lost my job” he stated bursting out with tears that his mum didn’t have a job anymore Tana told his mum that he just joined tag and got approved to be a perfect Tana’s mum was for but sadly they had to leave kaikohe.

The next day it was time for Tana to leave  kaikohe he was sad to let his friends go and also his grandparents. He was angry because he just got approved to be a prefect and that was his dream and he said to himself that when he get’s back to king’s college there will already be prefects “owell Tana said to himself there is always a chance next year.