Thursday, 11 August 2016

BFG blog post

intro: Last term our litricey teacher read to us Roald dahl's BFG. our class went to hoyts to go and watch the BFG movie when it was released. 

P1: The book was a little different to the movie because in the movie there was a little boy that use to visit and be friends with the BFG. In the book it only showed Sophie the Queen and the BFG, and in the book the big bad giants were put into a whole but in the movie the BFG told the Queen's gards to saround the big bad giant's with water, because they were scared of the water but there is no point because there is no shelter so they are gonna get wet anyways.

P2: My favourite character was the BFG because he was funny kind and fob and i like his personality but he did not know how to talk proper English so sophie kept judging him about the way he talks and when he always say something wrong sophie always tells him the right pronunciation.

To be honest i think the movie was much better then the book because it had more realistic detail to the movie than the book, the book is a little diferent to the movie but the weird thing is he had diferent food comepared to human he had frobscottle which was what he was drinking and you know how our bubbles go up well the BFG'S bubbles go down it is very funny because when our bubbles go up we burp well how is bubbles go down they fart so they all were laughing and they all gave a toast to the BFG. I enjoyed themovie then the book to be honest so the BFG lived his dream all because of the queen and sophie and the BFG starter a calm and a new life and the BFG started to collect more funny and nice dreams and they all lived happily ever after.

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