Thursday, 10 March 2016

My camp week 6

Going camping with my   friends

On september the 23rd Brook and Tamati were thinking about what they were going to do for the weekend. So they decided to go camping for three weeks in Taranaki, in the woods. when they got there on the first day there suddenly was a Thunderous Storm Heading their way.

Tamati and brook Ran back to there car and drove off to the safe house they were almost there until their car broke down so they had to ask for help but they could not get any bars to call anyone for help. They were really terrified and there hands were shaking like it was freezing cold and they were really worried about what would happen to them because all the trees were falling down so Tamati and brook were frightened so they couldn't go to sleep.

Finally it came to the next day it was terrible for them because trees fell down everywhere and it was messy. They had to walk all the way to the house to ask for help but they saw some people going past on a car so they yelled out “can you help us please” So the person that they ask to help, helped them so they started heading back to Auckland it took them six hours to get back to Auckland and they both said we're never coming  back here again.

Hi and my goal for this year is to do great in My Reading,Writing and Maths and I try my best to get my work finished and I hope I get to the stage where I’m supposed to be at that is my goal for this year.

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