Monday, 8 August 2016

How the Olympics came to be!!

Intro: WOW i can not believe the 2016 Olympics are going to begin in 3 days time prepare to see the 2016 Olympics of your whole entire life.

P1: The ancient Olympics began  2,700 years ago in Olympia,in the south west of Greece 776 bc. Every 4 years over 50,000 people would come watch and compete in the Olympic games but the women weren't allowed they were p: band and the unmarried women were allowed to compete and support in the Olympics but the married women weren't allowed, even though they tried to sneak in they would get caught then they would be thrown off the side of a cliff into a swirl pool, the reason is to sacrifice a living thing to there gods.

P:2 The people of Olympia ancient Greece they lit the torch as a symbol to honour Zeus to their ancient festival. The Founder was a man called pelops - king of Pisa of the Olympics.

P3: Also from 776 bc to 2016 the Olympics games still ignites now of 2016 and the common games in 776 bc in Greece Olympia are running javelin discus and many more.

P4: The ancient Greek Started as a festival to honour Zeus and other Greek Gods they would prepare a ancient special festival to honour the great and wise men Zeus of the gods and a father to Jesus and they also would light a torch to make sure Zeus were to be seen to his people and also his family.  

Conclusion: So sit back relax and watch the 2016 Olympics began.

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