Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool and Nail Art

Wow you will never guess what room five have done in room one today we made wool and Nail art it was so awesome and to be honest I really like my art that I have done it does me really proud of myself and this is my art and here are some tips of how to make this wool and Nail art.

Step - 1 you will need one square of wood

Step - 2 then you will need a peace of paper that has a star on it

step - 3 you will need 11 nails to nail the nails into the wood

step - 4 get a hamper to hamper you nails into the wood

step - 5 you can get any type of coloured wool to shape in to a star

Step - 6 take off the paper before you start editing you wool

Step - 7 then you will end up with something like this

 this was then and now


  1. Your star is good but next time you can do better.

  2. i love your star dez hope you had fun in that group i did