Friday, 20 May 2016

Step by step for paper mache

Wow did you know that in Room for we have been working on paper mache for our art work it is so easy and cool to make if you haven't tried it then here are some steps of how to make the paper mache.

Step 1 - you need a white balloons or any coloured of balloons

Step 2 - If you want you can put 1 or 2 lollies or any kind of sweats in your balloon

Step - 3 blow you balloon up and then tye a not

Step - 4 grave any coloured wool

Step - 5 you nee PVA glue to help stick on the wool

Step - 6 start puting the wool on the balloon

Step - 7 wait for the wool to dry.

Step - 8 last rule then you pop the balloon then it becomes a paper mache.

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