Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fun week for year 7's

On Wednesday the year sevens had a fun week that day was Birthday it was so fun because when school started we got to watch a movie called from boys to men and miss Muliaumasealii was in the movie she looked so young. That day we all were doing art with flower leis they looked so amazing and awesome when we hanged them up on the poles by room 3. Then it came to the end of the day we had a lot of fun.

The next day was Thursday we got to have popcorn to finish the movie from boys 2 men it was so sad to see the year 8’s go. So we did some work about the movie we were watching it was a boy named malaga he was getting hurt from his caregiver so he ran away. Then he meet this boy named johno he said he was gonna take care of malaga so he did any way let’s get back to my writing when we finished watching the movie we all packed up and got ready to go home.

The next day was the last day of term 1 I didn't want it to be the last day because I knew I would miss my best friends but I just had to go with it. I was so happy because I got to be one of the year 8 leaders because one of the leaders weren't here so I got to be one if you're a leader you have to make sure everything is on track and make sure people are not doing the wrong thing.

When it was time the cooking team had our lunch ready for us it was cheese pasta Italian bake it was so delicious.Our dish came with a
zero coke but first we had to go for a run around the field it was only one lap around the field and when I got back from the run I was so thirsty and we got to eat I started to drink my coke and the coke made my burp 3 times and all of the year 7’s and 4 of the year 8’s had an awesome time.


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