Thursday, 22 September 2016

Partly cloudy

WOW! have you ever heard of cheerful clouds in the sky well I will tell you all about it. Partly clouds are clouds that make cute and cuddly babies,puppies,kittens and many more cute creatures they have storks that deliver their living creatures and babies from the clouds to human caregivers, parents and animals as well. There was a cloud named Sam, Sam was a cloud that would make dangerous living animals they were cute but not so cuddly his deliverer Stanley was getting the worst of it like being bitten by a crocodile,butted by a bighorn sheep,and pricked by a porcupine. When Stanley saw the next delivery being made and saw it was a baby shark he started feel his fear coming on and Stanley flies away when Stanley flew away Sam started to get really upset so he started to burst out with tears with thunder so loud Sam was getting furious so then Stanley got a gift from one of the cheerful and happy clouds and Stanley's gift was head gear to protect him from getting hurt.

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