Friday, 8 July 2016

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in the boys Olympics they would not let girls support or let them join in the Olympics games so i would say let them cheer and let them join cause it is not nice to say to someone they are trying to support u when your in the Olympics and that is my idea and advice that should happen thank you.

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  1. Kia ora Dezarae,

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey! I am so happy that you have joined the journey this holiday. It's awesome!

    I am also really happy that you chose to blog about the 'No Girls Allowed' rule from the ancient Olympic Games. I agree with you that it is not nice to say to someone that they are not allowed to attend an event. I think that everyone should be welcome to come out and support one another, cheer for one another and spend time together. Thank goodness they have changed the rule and allowed both men and women to attend the modern day Olympic games.

    Speaking of the modern day games, I hope that you will continue to participate in the blogging programme and try some of the activities from Day 2 - Day 7. You will learn a lot about the games and the athletes who participate in them!

    Cheers, Rachel