Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Cinderella twist

One early morning Cinderella’s dad had come into her room and told her something very surprising he had told cinderella he had got his dream job further off in the city. Cinderella was very unhappy to see her father go but she knew his job was his dream so she had pondered and had let her father go.

Cinderella reached for coincidence and set off for a few days to find her true love. First she had to blurt her step mother before she took off but she had got locked up in the basement. She yelled “Let me out let me out” so her fairy godmother had heard Cinderella was in trouble so she came to help cinderella get ready for this ball.

Cinderella had traveled to the castle and found her true love dancing alone. When the prince had set eye on Cinderella he was amazed to see someone so beautiful she asked for this one dance and she said “yes you may have this dance”They had danced for quite a while but as soon as that clock strikes twelve Cinderella knew what would happened if it had hit twelve. She told her prince she had to go but he held her but she managed to get away as he ran after her it was to late she had already left but she left a shiny blue glass slipper on the second step of the castle.

The Prince pushed orders and continued to look for this girl in a discreetly way of manner he went around town searching for this one girl but she was nowhere to been seen only until she asked who he was looking for. The prince had looked disgusted by how she looked and didn't wanna take observe on what she looked like so he said who are you,you look very hideous person to be seen “oh no” she said “my prince doesn't love me for who I am” she asked to wish for anything and she wished for a decent and generous man so she married a baker and Cinderella lived a merry life.

My story about Cinderella is kind of different towards the real story behind the movie it's like a twist so I hope you have enjoyed and enjoy my writing about Cinderella

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