Friday, 4 March 2016

Walking thru the bush

On Thursday the 25th of Feb me and my to best friends Hannah and Toby went for a walk thru the bush for some fresh air. That morning me and my to best friends were walking along and we knew that there was going to be a storm so we quickly ran home but there was a gigantic tree blocking our way we couldn't get past so we went the long way and that was about a 5 metre walk and that took us really long. Then we heard that the storm was coming so It started to pour with rain and hail I was soaking wet like I was in a freezing cold pool in Antarctica.

Once we got home the storm was just about to start so we all were going to have a shower but there was know hot water the water was freezing cold so we had to wait the next morning so we all fell to sleep. The Next morning I said “let’s have a shower then go for a walk thru the bush again”so we did but this time we didn't walk we went on our car it was even worse because we had forgot that the gigantic tree was blocking our way we had to go back to the house to take the car back so we could walk.

So once we dropped off the car we started to walk towards the bushes and when we were heading there we had to climb over the gigantic tree but when I was climbing I fell off and my to best friends Toby and Katie cut themselves on a sharp glass. We decided that we didn't want to walk thru the bush any more and we had reasons why because  the bushes were creep and we kept getting hurt so know more going thru the bushes any more.

The next morning me and my to best friends asked a question they said would you like me to cook breakfast? I said that would be lovely my to best friends made breakfast then we had to pack our stuff because we were heading back to Auckland that was the coolest holiday this year.

Hi and this year my goal is to do well in my test and reading,writing and math that’s my goal for this year.  

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  1. Ka pai Dezarae. Great story. Let's have another look at the language features and structure needed for a narrative piece of writing.