Monday, 1 May 2017

My sleep over

What did you do in the holidays?

On Friday the 28th of April I had a sleep over Myztique and my three cousins Sahara,Tiare and Nevayah we had a sleep over at my house it was so fun because the things we did were our hair nails and we had a lot of junk food. When we had finished doing all of those activities we had done some challenges like guess the food,what's in my mouth and the water challenge the water challenge was the most hardest one because when we would laugh someone one would spit there water on the floor or on someone else it was kinda gross but we had a lot of fun,after we had done all of our challenges and out hair we made our beds and watched a movie and we didn't go to bed until 2:00 in the morning I was so tired we didn't wake up until 11:00 and then I told the girls that we had sleep in and that we needed to clean the house before my mum had got home and we cleaned the house just in time before my mum had came home. About 1:00 after cleaning the house we were so hot and we needed to go for a swim for a 2:23 we decided to go pools so we did we had a 2 hour swim and got out at 4:35 and we went back to my house a relaxed and played on our technology and my holiday was super exciting and fun and there were more fun activities me my friends and family did in the holiday.

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