Friday, 17 March 2017

The Outstanding ASB Polyfest

Wow you will not guess where team five went? We went to the ASB polyfest In the morning team five had to arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 some of us had come a bit late my aunty Leslie was one of our parent helpers I was glade she had came. We had to travel by bus it took about 15 minutes to get to the ASB polyfest there were 3 bus that had taken us to the polyfest When we first arrived at the ASB polyfest we had to take notice of the other schools we had to sit and wait for other schools to arrive so that team five and the other schools would know what to do. About half an hour later our tour guides were introduced to us my tour guide was male but i couldn't remember his name he took us over to each activity after we had finished the activities it was time for morning tea after the whole of team five had finished eating we got a goodie bag from the ASB organises in the Goddie bag were glasses a map book,sunscreen,ASB Tattoos and a fan. After that we had moved with our parent helpers the first stage we went to was the kapahaka stage there where two kapahaka collage groups that had performed I forgot there kapahaka name but they were really amazing especially the way they all were doing the pukana my favourite part of their performances was the way they had done their full bracket they had done five songs they put all of their time and practise into what they had to learn my favourite part of the poly fest was just enjoying myself with my friends and getting an opportunity to learn what I can do when I hit collage my most favourite part was getting my moko on my chin done.

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